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General liability, also known as “commercial liability insurance” is a broad commercial insurance policy that covers general liability exposures of a business. Coverage typically includes product MGM Associates Insurance recommends that all businesses have general liability coverage in place.

New York – What you need to know about commercial liability insurance

Take a look at the list below for additional general liability coverages that are often available.

Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Ommissions)

Errors & Omissions (E&O) covers professionals for negligence and errors or omissions that injure their clients or cause damage to a third party’s data. This type of insurance is particularly important to licensed professionals such as accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, architects, engineers and technology companies. MGM Associates Insurance recommends that all professional and technology companies have E&O coverage.

Technology Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Ommissions)

Technology professional’s Errors & Omissions (E&O) protects technology professionals against many situations:

  • Errors & Omissions: A developer fails to deliver a website as promised in the contract and the company has to hire another developer to finish the job; the company sues the original developer for the failure
  • Defense Costs: A programmer fails to deliver all aspects of the software program that was promised and the company sues for breach of contract
  • Personal Injury: A photographer takes pictures at a public event that include images of children and their parents sue for invasion of privacy and use of the photos without their consent
  • Failure to Prevent Unauthorized Access: An IT consultant fails to install the latest patch to fix vulnerabilities in the firewall and their client sues for failing to prevent unauthorized access to their database
  • Unintentional Introduction of Malicious Code: After a computer consultant provides IT services for local business, the system is attacked by a virus and all the files on the hard drive are lost including their accounting records and customer information
  • Intellectual Property: A software developer is accused of copyright infringement on their code and is sued
  • Bodily Injury Arising out of Professional Services: While installing Internet cables for a local business, the technician walks away for a moment, an employee trips over the cable and is seriously injured. The local business sues the technician for negligence and seeks damages for bodily injury and lost wages 

For more information on this coverage and to get a quote for Technology Professional E&O coverage, please visit our dedicated website or call our dedicated phone number 855-451-3736 today. A representative will be available to answer any questions you have either via our online web chat or over the phone, whichever you prefer.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Employment Practices Liability Insurance for employers covers employment-related liabilities other than on-the-job injuries. This can include legal fees and damages for suits such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other alleged violations of employees’ legal rights. If you have employees, MGM Associates Insurance recommends considering this type of coverage.

Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O)

D&O covers directors and officers of a company for negligent acts or omissions and for misleading statements that result in lawsuits against the company. There is a variety of Directors and Officers coverage available such as corporate reimbursement coverage, personal liability, and entity coverage. D&O policies may be broadened to include coverage for employment practices liability as well.

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