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Benefit Administration and Broker Services

  • MGM is an independent broker with over 30 years experience in Medical, Dental, Disability, Life and Retirement plans, providing excellence in advice, plan designs and implementation as well as superior administration.
  • A Licensed Group contact is assigned from the administration team to handle all renewal, enrollments, claims assistance and billing inquires.
  • They will also help monitor all newly eligible employees based on waiting period, ensuring all applications and waivers are processed.
  • The Benefits advisor makes recommendations regarding various insurance plans, insurance carriers, health maintenance organizations, administrators and benefit service providers.
  • We provide Quarterly and Annual reviews of clients Benefit offerings comparing new products, competitive rates, changes in local markets, discuss any new improvements to plan design.
  • Health Care Reform Education: MGM will keep you up to date on updates as they roll out over the next several years with new and future provision and regulations. We provide periodic seminars to our clients to attend with local Health Care Reform Professionals.
  • MGM works with clients to help them navigate through the different components of Health Care Reform such as the Full Time Equivalency to help them adhere to the new regulations.
  • As a client advocate we negotiate all insurance renewals, claims, billing issues including meeting directly with insurance company underwriters and place insurance as directed.
  • We provide educational support through employee group meetings, surveys and meet with employees one on one if needed.
  • Continuing education keeps MGM Associates abreast of various alternatives available within the market and advise clients during review.

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